It seems funny to devote time and energy to writing about how we eat, but it’s actually a very interesting topic. Here are my posts that relate to the philosophy, psychology, and sustainability of eating.

Have Your Cake and Eat It Too

The first in a series of essays on food and society



Signs of Scandinavian Spring

Musings on the importance of cuisine for seasonal eating



IMG_1937The Humble Brussels Sprout

In defense of these much-maligned brassicas that stand out in Sweet and Sour Brussels Sprouts



IMG_2176_2Inside Out Ravioli

Does food taste the same in any shape? Inside Out Squash Ravioli says so.



IMG_2246A Feast of Fish

Meditations on the vegetarian spectrum and my yearly indulgence in fish, Tom Yum Halibut with Coconut Risotto

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